Villa Koukouvayia Rates Calendar

“If you’re not sure how to spell LOVE, try T-I-M-E.”― Anonymous

Below please find the rates for Villa Koukouvayia’s Main House (MH), Garden Suite (GS), Guest House (GH), and the entire villa estate (VKF).  The rates include all taxes, and we charge no hidden fees.  To calculate any potential stay, simply multiply the number of nights of your stay by the rate assigned to a particular house for those nights on the calendar. 

(For those bringing people beyond the property’s standard occupancy simply add €10 per extra person to the rate.)

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(Click on table to zoom in)

Rental Policies & answers to some FAQs about your stay and calculating costs:

Our Goal:  Our goal is to be fair and transparent in our policies & charges and to avoid surprises once you decide to stay with us.  The rate table above will help you calculate your stay, but you can rest assured that prior to any commitment you make to us, we’ll present you with a final, complete price that echoes your estimates or explains any difference.

Minimum Stays: Preparing, stocking, and cleaning the homes before and after your stay provides the largest of our labors-of-love here at the villa, so we must set minimum stays for each booking, with slight differences between the smaller Guest House (5 nights) and the larger Garden Suite, Main House, and entire estate (7 nights.)  On your behalf, these minimums match our recommendations for a best-stay in the area, where less than a week significantly reduces the chance to enjoy a full range of the historical & recreational opportunities nearby.  Of course, should your circumstances demand a shorter stay, we can welcome you for those fewer days but within the pricing of a minimum stay.

Security Deposits:  We do hold a security deposit during your stay, ranging from €200 for the Guest House to €1,000 for the entire villa.  (If you wish, this amount can serve as an initial payment to immediately secure your reservation, pending final payments.)  Because we set these amounts low to reflect typical guests, we sometimes increase them for groups that present a higher likelihood of damage, such as those bringing a pet, large or youth groups, etc.  Assuming no major damage occurs deposits are always returned within 7 days from departure.

Savings over AirBnB, VRBO, and other 3rd-Party Sites:  We promise you that directly booking through will provide considerable savings.  You’ll not only avoid the fees 3rd-Party platforms charge you, but the higher rates we must put on those sites to cover fees the platforms charge us.

Other Direct 3rd-Party Booking Differences:  While booking with us directly will yield considerable savings, there are some features available from 3rd-Party platforms that we cannot provide.

  • We cannot accept payments through credit cards, and instead use bank-transfers.
  • VRBO & AirBnB sometimes put only a ‘hold’ on your credit-card for the damage deposit, but we need to have actual funds under our protection until your departure and the property’s been inspected. However, 3rd-party platforms will withdraw the reservation payment immediately, and we often allow the damage deposit to serve as the reservation deposit within a payment plan.  And so, in many cases there’s little difference.
  • While we will always work to refund cancelled stays and never charge a fee for this service, we can only do so to the degree we are able re-book your time. And while some 3rd-Party sites do charge fees for cancellation, some also guarantee those refunds regardless of whether and when you cancel.  Make sure you are comfortable with the policy of whichever platform (including ours) that you will use to book us.

If you do prefer booking through a 3rd-party site, you can find Villa Koukouvayia’s homes at the following links:

Price Variations among 3rd-Party Sites:  If you compare Villa Koukouvayia’s reservation prices on more than one 3rd-Party Platform site and the prices are different between the sites, the difference is due to a variation in their platform fees or policies, not us.  We always put the same rates across all 3rd-Party platforms we use.  So, if you do want to rent through a 3rd-Party site and find two prices, just choose the best one!

Policy Variations among 3rd-Party Sites and  There are times 3rd-Party platform policy and pricing options limit us or differ between platforms, but we strive to make all our policies parallel across all platforms, including our own.

Smoking:  We are set among groves & groves of olive trees, all beautiful but all susceptible to tragic fires.  Smoking, therefore, is severely restricted, especially during the fire season of summer.  Wet ashtray always, and always outside, verandas only, and only on non-windy days.

Calculating Your Stay: The rates above are per night, assuming a check in on arrival day no earlier than 16:00 and a check out on departure day time no later than 10:00.  (We only enforce those when we have guests departing close to your arrival or arriving close to your departure, but we sometimes need to, so be prepared.)  For those whose flights coming or going are at odds with the check-in and check-out times above, we’ll always offer an early luggage-drop and/or late luggage-hold so you can hit the beach or do something enjoyable while waiting—either for us to ready your home, or the airline to ready your flight.  As always, our goal is to make not only your stay stress free, but your arrival and departure the same.

Reservations that Bridge Across Multiple Rate-Season:  When a stay includes multiple rate-seasons, we calculate each day according to its seasonal rate and simply add the two subtotals.  This is also true for how to apply long term discounts.