Discover Villa Koukouvayia

Using traditional, Step-by-Step Directions

If you’re a person who hates how dumb smart-phones make you feel, finding VKF is still easy the old-fashioned way—especially during the 95% of the trip’s distance from airports or ferry terminals to the village right below us, Kaloudiana (Καλουδιανά).
Detailed directions are only a click away through our downloadable PDF file. In order to help you through a dark rainy night, ease the stress at the end of a terrible flight itinerary, and limit the likelihood of a “directions-fight” with your otherwise wonderful & loving friend/partner, the downloadable file is very  detailed. For the short and simple version, just copy these easy steps:
  • From Xania (or Rethymnon, or Irakleio/Heraklion) get on the National Highway and head west, past Xania to and then past Kolymbari, where the highway will change to a more traditional 2-lane road, narrow and climb upward.
  • Stay on the highway after Kolymbari, going up, over and then down the mountain where the road will become the only straight, flat & wide road on Crete. The Gulf of Kissamos will be on your right.
  • In 2 KM, look for an overpass, take a right just before the overpass, and follow our signs to Kaloudiana (Καλουδιανά) and then to Villa Koukouvayia Farms.
At any point of difficulty, refer to the more detailed directions, or just get to Kaloudiana Village and call Richard at +30 698 486 9490 or Heidi +30 698 486 9491. The only even slightly difficult section of the trip to Villa Koukouvayia is the single kilometer after the village, and we’re almost always available to come down the hill, meet you in the village center, and lead you up to the farm. 😊