Villa Koukouvayia Farms

A home for living well, and celebrating life with family, friends, and community.
Villa Koukouvayia (Villa of the Owl) is a spacious, 3-residence retreat with accommodations for two to twenty-two guests. Set on a secluded, landscaped estate that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by hundreds of acres of working olive groves, Villa Koukouvayia boasts the intimacy, privacy, and character of an historic inn, but with the gardens, spaces, and facilities to support larger groups.
The estate’s three-story Main House, two story Guest House, and grove-level Garden Suite rest at the top of a long, gated drive that rises from the quiet end of a gravel farm-road. Each residence, with separated gardens, verandas, terraces and facilities, can be rented individually by couples, families or smaller groups of two to twelve seeking a private residence.
Or for larger gatherings, the entire estate can be reserved as a unified venue where more than twenty adults can celebrate weddings and reunions, capitalize on a campus perfect for fitness-focused retreats, workshops, presentations, performances, strategic collaborations, and adventure holidays.
And in all cases, just beyond the villa’s gates will lie the geographical, historical, cultural, and culinary joys of this special region on this special island.