Bring close those you hold dear, to a place that will inspire an historic time together.

“There is no such thing as a friendship or family in isolation.  Friends must flock, families must gather.”― Anonymous

Villa Koukouvayia Farms provides a great place to gather friends and family for a shared vacation to remember.  Modern facilities and WiFi access points serving the entire estate are integrated into the farm’s traditional architecture and ambience.  Combining three private, separate residences with outdoor spaces that overlook the Aegean Sea, Tyflos Valley, Crete’s southern mountains, and a green embrace of agricultural groves, the estate can platform a private group or multi-family holiday that includes a variety of exciting activities, both onsite and nearby.  Most importantly, Villa Koukouvayia will accomplish all this while lodging your friends and loved ones amid informal luxury.

Areas for gatherings, social events, and formally catered or informal dining include:

  • 90m2 of shaded verandas
  • 100m2 of open terraces & patios
  • 90m2 of elevated terraces.
  • 27m2 roof garden with bar facilities.
  • Two larger lawn & garden areas of 90m2 & 325m2 for lawn games and other activities.
  • Two intimate lawn & garden areas of 49m2 & 85m2 for private gatherings and individual reflection.
  • A dedicated platform of 77m2 set among the ancient trees of adjacent olive groves for yoga practice or group activities.

Areas, equipment and opportunities to host activities include:

  • Pool & Patio for sunning & relaxing among smaller groups, and for active play among the younger members (of all ages 😊.)
  • A 36 m2 multi-purpose game room for personal exercise or social gathering around table-tennis and other games.
  • Equipment for croquet, badminton and other lawn games; interior board games, bicycles, snorkeling, beach & picnic gear, kayaks and even a small racing dinghy for experienced sailors.
  • Additionally, Villa Koukouvayia’s gates open onto a network of safe walking-trails that traverse the acres of olive groves and hills surrounding the estate, offering valuable opportunities for individuals or small groups to retreat from the larger group, reflect, and return to the celebrations recharged.

Occupancy Capacities & Available Configurations

As you consider lodging your event, note the capacities for each of the villa’s three homes and the entire estate as seen in the table below.  And while the villa’s Main House & Garden Suite have the capacity to host larger groups easily, we’ve set a base rate to more fairly price typical, smaller groups, providing larger groups an economical way to access our higher capacities using a simple supplement of €10/night for each person beyond the “typical” group’s size cited in the table.

And if needed, we can configure several spaces with comfortable extra beds and/or bedding to further maximize occupancy.  For example, while the Guest House comfortably serves four adults, it can easily lodge five for families with three children 12 years or younger at arrival.   (Note: infants under 2 at the time of arrival can be excluded from your capacity limit and supplement calculations. 😊)

(Click on table to zoom in)

Villa Koukouvayia Whole-Estate Occupancy Notes:

  • As in the Garden Suite, the base rates for the entire villa are set low to allow a typical group of 16 persons to stay economically. The extra capacity needed by larger groups can be easily adjusted by adding a small supplement (+€10/person/night) for each additional guest beyond 16.

Main House Occupancy Notes:

  • The Main House can accommodate up to 2 extra people (1 without charge) using the two bedrooms where an extra bed can be easily added, or the long living room sofa as a nightly bed.
  • While there are unique circumstances we might discuss (e.g., an extra small child sleeping in a parent’s room, a family member showing up for only one vacation night), for your and the house’s comfort, we rarely recommend lodging more than 7 people in the Main House.

Garden Suite Occupancy Notes:

  • Because Garden Suite bedrooms can be comfortably configured to handle groups from 3 to 13, “typical” occupancies are often fewer than the “standard” occupancy listed above. But to decide how your specific group can take advantage of the Garden Suite’s flexibility, simply remember that:
  • 2 bedrooms can sleep up to 4 adults in single beds, or host two people (or a single person) in a queen bed.
  • 1 bedroom can sleep up to 3 adults in single beds, or host two people (or a single person) in a queen bed.
  • Additionally, the Garden Suite can host 2 extra adults using the living room’s comfortable cabinet bed.
  • If hosting beyond the Garden Suite’s typical group of 6 (2 persons per bedroom) simply add €10/person/night beyond to comfortably include up to 7 extra guests.

Guest House Occupancy Notes:

  • For your comfort and the house’s, we don’t recommend exceeding the Guest House’s maximum capacity of 4, except when 3 guests are children under 12. This configuration is easily achieved by adding a portable bed into the 2nd bedroom. It is free of charge, and guests with 3 small children have found this a comfortable, economical alternative to renting a larger home.

Bedrooms & Baths

Eight formal bedrooms provide accommodation levels to match a variety of guests. Three rooms have king or queen bedding.  Two rooms have multiple chambers.  Two rooms have single or multiple adult engineered & sized single beds.  An additional three rooms have integrated cabinet beds that allow customized configuration as queen-beds hosting couples or as single-beds hosting up to four individuals—perfect for lodging a family’s younger generation of cousins.  All rooms have air-conditioning and full climate control.   Total sleeping capacity with all rooms fully utilized is 20.  Additionally, one semi-private room boasts an additional cabinet bed easily deployed to host extra family members, increasing accommodations to 22.  And finally, there’s space in three of the bedrooms to add portable beds that sleep young children, increasing capacity to 25 without any loss of adult beds.

Seven bathrooms ensure even well attended gatherings offer attendees comfort and care. Five baths are dedicated to bedroom areas, with one bath en suite. Three baths are sited to serve living areas, and three baths (one in each of the Villa’s three lodging residences) have integrated laundries (with one washer & dryer large enough to serve the entire villa), so hosts can conveniently address clothing needs during even the longest events—or can hire out such service to remove that burden entirely.

Kitchens & Dining Areas

All three of the villa’s residential homes have fully equipped kitchens—two with the preparation space, pantries, and equipment suitable for communal meal provision, either self-prepared or catered.  Three large outdoor grills (two gas & one charcoal) service the terrace & pool areas and allow for evening BBQs.

Three interior and three exterior dining areas provide seating from 4 to 25 and allow siting meals outdoors in sun or shade, or indoors during Crete’s cooler months. A fully accessible roof terrace with wet-bar and spectacular views can further extend social, cocktail, and light-dining options during special events or evenings.

Living Rooms & Salons

Three living rooms of 20m2 , 18m2 & 15m2 comfortably seat 12, 8 & 6 persons respectively. Two have cabinet-hidden media centers, and all are perfect for socializing, sharing music and entertainment, and relaxing together during the days and hours of your gathering.

Other Areas, Spaces & Features

Three dedicated office areas are available, two within bedrooms and privately accessible. A third fully accessible private office with networked computer docking, printer, monitor and other peripherals will ease the burden for those who must retain some connection with professional responsibilities, and for hosts who must manage guest arrivals and departures.

The villa’s recreational gear is extensive. Bicycles, kayaks, lawn games,
interior board games, hiking, snorkeling & beach gear, a professional table-tennis space all allow either informal or planned off-hours play & extracurricular activities among guests.

Additionally, Villa Koukouvayia’s gates open onto a network of safe walking-trails that traverse the olive groves and surrounding hills, and offer opportunities for individuals or small groups to retreat, reflect, and return recharged.