Bedroom Selection for Program Participants

“The old queen went to the bedroom, took the bedding off the bedstead, and set a single pea below twenty eider-down mattresses.  ‘Now we’ll find out if this is a real princess!’ the old queen then exclaimed.”― Hans Christian Anderson

Whether joining a planned retreat or planning a program for others, you’ll be happy to know that Villa Koukouvayia’s bedroom selections meet a variety of desires and budgets.  The retreat-center’s eight bedrooms are all comfortable, boasting air conditioning & four-season climate controls, thick mattresses and luxurious bedding and appointments, but fall primarily into two categories: Standard rooms, or Premium accommodations with special features.  And on either end of that range, an Albergue Room will fit budget conscious participants who won’t mind its lack of a view, or for an appropriate supplement participants might choose the luxurious Koukouvayia Suite and enjoy its en suite bath, fireplace & reading area, and dramatic elevated terrace overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Along with their range of sizes and styles and features, the villa’s bedrooms are in almost all cases flexibly configured.  Three of the farm’s bedrooms feature high-quality built-in wall-beds, where a flip of a handle allows a room to convert from queen-bed accommodations housing a lone participant or couple, to single beds comfortably accommodating up to four participants enjoying the cost-reduction of a shared room.

Almost all retreat programs are priced assuming a standard room at double-occupancy, but choices to upgrade accommodations and/or hold a room alone for a supplemental charge may be available, as are the opportunities to join with up to three other participants (either friends or new-colleagues you’ve not yet met) to achieve significant savings.  You can also increase those savings by combining a request to stay in a non-standard room like the Albergue Room, and  to share that non-standard selection with multiple roommates.

Before choosing, check your retreat’s Program Details page to see if your specific retreat restricts room & occupancy choices, and remember that all room & occupancy choices are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  (So, the sooner we know the accommodations best suited for your stay, the better we can provide it!)

Then review room options by clicking here, and return to this page to use the table below and calculate your potential supplements or savings.  Once you’ve decided on your preferred room and occupancy level, you can return to your retreat’s Program Details page, click on and complete a Program Registration Form, and we’ll be able to confirm your choices and calculate your final costs.

(Click on table to zoom in)

Per-Person/Per Night Lodging Supplements & Reductions Available
(Choose Supplement/Reduction & Multiply x Program Nights for Total)

Room Code

Room Name (& Residence)

Room Type

Held Alone

Shared with 1

Shared with 2

Shared with 3


Pheasant Room (Garden Suite)

Standard Rooms

+ €55

+ €0

– €20

– €25


Partridge Room (Garden Suite)



Crow’s Nest (Guest House)



Hawk’s Nest (Guest House)

Premium Rooms

+ €60

+ €35



Falcon’s Nest (Main House)


Griffon’s Nest (Main House)


Swallow’s Nest (Garden Suite)

Non-Std Rooms

+ €40

– €15

– €25

– €30


Chaperone Quarters2 (Garden Suite)

– €20

– €25



Koukouvayia Suite3 (Main House)

Luxury Suite

+ €100

+ €52

+ €5

  • Once confirmed, your selected room-type is guaranteed, but we may change your specific room within that type (and/or upgrade you to a higher type 😊) to best match program attendance.

  • The Koukouvayia Suite is often reserved for Facilitation/Leadership Staff. Check to make sure it is available for your retreat before selecting it.

  • The Chaperone Quarters are configured from a double bed with high-quality mattress that folds down into the Garden Suite Living Room from a hardwood cabinet, converting that area into comfortable sleeping accommodations, easily separated from other public areas with a folding screen. This accommodation is perfect for a youth-group chaperone or chaperone-couple and will serve as employee bedding for staffed retreats or extra bedding within busy family reunions.  The room’s semi-private layout, however, means it is rarely recommended or available for a program’s paying participants.