Guest House Bedrooms

Villa Koukouvayia’s Guest House has two formal bedrooms, one in the master bedroom, with queen-sized bedding, and the second with adult-engineered singles built, bunk-style, into the room’s northeast wall.  The Guest House’s typical sleeping capacity is 4, but families of 5 with three children under 12 have been more than comfortable adding a portable bed into the second bedroom, and we’ve grown accustomed to allowing this exception to the Guest House’s typical occupancy.

Hawk’s Nest

The “Hawk’s Nest” is the Guest House’s master bedroom.  Large built-in closets allow guests to settle in quickly and feel immediately at home.  The room’s luxurious queen-bed is set among wide windows, and the room’s sliding French doors lead to a large, elevated terrace.  Whether you remain in bed reading or sit on the elevated terrace sipping coffee or wine, you’ll enjoy a dramatic, 27o-degree view of the Gramvousa & Rodopou mountain ranges as they frame the Gulf of Kissamos and plunge into the Cretan Sea.  The Hawk’s Nest also boasts private access by spiral stairs to a private roof patio, where your 270-degree view will expand to a full 360-degrees.  During daylight hours, scan the region’s domain from mountains to sea.  Or, after midnight, climb the patio’s spiral stairs to survey the rare spectacle of the sky’s full catalog of constellations and stars.

Crow’s Nest

The Guest House’s second bedroom, the “Crow’s Nest,” earns her name from the way her two single beds, engineered into window casements as wide as the beds are long, provide fantastic views from pillows to sea.  Like a ship’s quarters, the Crow’s Nest custom cabinetry includes a host of storage options that join the room’s large closets and increase her effective size.  Adding to her space, a large French door opens out onto a lovely coffee or reading balcony for two, with a view of the valley and southern mountains.  This is a perfect room for two friends joining a program or traveling together, or siblings in a family group.