Garden Suite Bedrooms

Villa Koukouvayia’s Garden Suite, the newest member of Villa Koukouvayia Farm’s three residences, has three formal bedrooms and a fourth room easily converted into a comfortable sleeping room for two.  At ground level, every bedroom in the Garden Suite, and the living room, boasts a series of high-quality cabinet beds that provide an almost infinite array of lodging choices across the residence, whether for a program serving a variety of participant demands, or large families & gatherings who share complicated bed- & room-assignment needs.  To protect the budget of smaller parties, the Garden Suite is priced assuming 7 occupants, but with an easy and inexpensive supplement applied, larger groups of up to 13 guests can book and stay within budget.

Pheasant Nest

The “Pheasant Nest” is the Garden Suite bedroom with the largest floorplan.  Her windows look out into the southeast olive groves, and her built-in cabinet beds can be deployed in a simple queen-bed configuration, or in albergue style with four single-beds, set up as two bunks.  In fact the Pheasant Nest size allows for both style beds to be deployed at the same time, allowing a young child traveling for the first time to remain in the same room with his/her parents, or to lodge an extra cousin in the family gathering.

Partridge Nest

The Garden Suite’s second bedroom is the “Partridge Nest.”  Adjacent to and similar to the Pheasant Nest, the Partridge Nest also looks into the southeast groves, but adds a wall of high glass-brick and a skylight to keep the room both private and bright.  Like all Garden Suite bedrooms, her cabinet beds include a queen that allows the room to serve as private quarters for a couple, or a series of single beds to allow the room to lodge as many as three friends, colleagues or family members.  Unlike all other Garden Suite bedrooms, the Partridge Nest’s has 1 instead of 2 double-bed cabinets, but her single-bed cabinet has the neat talent of providing an automatically deployed desk and work area when the bed is closed and hidden.  This is a handy feature for those who need to remain in touch with professional responsibilities during their stay. 

Swallow’s Nest

The Garden Suite’s third bedroom, the “Swallow’s Nest” lacks the view of other villa and Garden Suite bedrooms, so it is a perfect bedroom to discount for program participants staying within a strict budget, or to assign to younger members of a gathering who care little for such a feature.  The Swallow’s Nest is also an ideal space to devote to a specific program practice like massage or private counselling, or to dedicate as a playroom for smaller children in a larger group.  Just close all three of the beds into their cabinets, and the room and its floor space is free.  Like the Pheasant Nest, the Swallow’s Nest offers either a queen-bed or singles configuration, switching from an intimate couple’s apartment to a true albergue suite sleeping up to four.  The built in closets and stone features give the room warmth and charm, and an office alcove with network connections are handy for those with professional responsibilities during their stay. 

Chaperone Quarters

In addition to the three fully private bedrooms in the Garden Suite, the suite’s living area hides an adult-engineered bed built into the library cabinet of the room.  Deploying this bed converts the living area—either each evening or for the duration of your stay—into the “Chaperone’s Quarters.”  The Chaperone Quarters has an adjacent bath and is easily separated from the rest of the suite by an available privacy screen.  And while this would be a rare choice and unlikely offered to formal program participants, it is a great option for staff, chaperones, or extra family members when needed, increasing the Garden Suite’s capacity from 11 to 13.