Discover Villa Koukouvayia

using GPS or Google Maps

Click here for the route from Xania Airport/(CHQ) to Villa Koukouvayia.

Finding VKF is easy with a SmartPhone and GPS—especially if you just use the link above for the route.  But if you’re searching and pinning the route,  it’s a good idea to use these two tricks for a safer & easier arrival:
  • First, use the Villa Koukouvayia signs. You will start seeing our Owl & Olive-Branch logo about 30 minutes after leaving Xania, after you pass the Kolymbari exits, climb the narrowed highway over the Rodopou mountain, and then descend to the Gulf of Kissamos, where you will pass a major crossroad at Nopeigia/Νωπείγια, and the highway will become flat, straight & wider as it heads toward Kissamos.  The first sign is well before Kissamos, but only after the Drapanias/Δραπανιάς turnoff Google Maps often recommends.  Instead of that turnoff, choose the next route-option Google Maps offers and you’ll see the Korfalonas/Κορφαλώνας overpass ahead.  (It is the only overpass on this road.)   Upon seeingthe overpass, prepare to exit the highway to the right, before the overpass.  As you approach the overpass exit, to the right on an electrical pole you will see VKF’s first sign, directing you off the highway.  Exit right and the second sign will direct you up & left, onto and then across the overpass.  From there, signs will take you right to Villa Koukouvayia’s gate.
  • Secondly, don’t trust Google directions more than our signs.  People who do, often find themselves on a difficult, hard to find and somewhat dangerous turn-off just below the farm—a place where Google-Maps always leads people because it’s (only slightly!) shorter. ☹  To avoid this bad option, either use the link above for the proper route; or, instead of “pinning” only the “Villa Koukouvayia Farms” destination waypoint, go first to the waypoint titled “Farmroad to Villa Koukouvayia Farms Retreat Center.  That will lead you to our approach road, and a much safer arrival at our gate. 😊

Or if any of that bothers you, feel free to use more traditional directions; or just get to Kaloudiana village and call us.  The only even slightly difficult section of the trip is the single kilometer after the village, and we’re almost always available to come down the hill, meet you in the village center, and lead you up to the farm. 😊